The way an artist creates his finest painting by continuous touches of his stroke, a Photoshop expert also produces the best image by putting in a great effort of applying the image manipulation software. Image manipulation is absolutely an art work because through the technical procedure a rogue thing can be turned to a marvelous one. For image manipulation work one must possesses some aesthetic knowledge. The more you can make an image beautiful, the more appreciation you will get. Customers will pour in to your office for having image manipulation service.

Image manipulation means to make a new image or collage with fine-blending of many other images or backgrounds together. It’s a combination of many other images to give a new impression of picture. We can make image manipulation through both the digital and analogue methods. Image manipulation is colouring the white and black photo or transform a colour photo into white or make the negative into multi-coloured. Through image manipulation technique one can remove the black spot or hazy background and ugly composing element. Image manipulation is really a diverse work. What the situation demand, you can deliver the work accurately with the magic touch of image manipulation. Image manipulation can be compared with the interior design in a house. You set the position, enhance or reduce colour or change background etc. A photo upon snapped digitally you put in the computer and start shaping the mould as you think the best.

Image manipulation is a kind of technique to amend, correct or edit an image for creating a fantasy or deception in photographs. Image manipulation amply helps us enhance the quality of a normal image to an amazing one. Image manipulation is generally done for commercial purpose like pictures for magazine, promotional activities, advertisement, presentation and movie etc. for business upscaling.  Image manipulation is a regular work of a publication house. At the present civilization of social media, we see the same photo of a person in different colours or different shapes. It is nothing but merely image manipulation. Image mosaic wields an extensive imprint on an image that’s why image manipulation is getting momentum in term of popularity.

The companies which are involved in service delivery of image manipulation appoint highly skilled and technically expert with graphic fine art degree. They must also possess something more than skills like colour sense, efficiency for creativity. These highly skilled persons are highly paid. These tasks also need deep concentration. In developing countries some people without graphic fine art degree can make a very good job of image manipulation. Just having a short training from any institute, they can do image manipulation through their acquired experiences of many years. These experienced people of the developing countries even work led advance technology like old model computer, printer etc. If these people are provided proper training and advanced technology, surely they can deliver better output.

The image manipulation operators also must possess the qualities of understanding the customer choices or needs. Sometimes customer can not make the operators understand clearly about their needs. Here, image manipulation operators/experts must discuss with customers and should demonstrate some dummies or draft so that customers can understand whether the finished task match the needs. The magical touches of creative operators of image manipulation always make our promotional programme, advertisement alive.

As there is growing competition among the creative art works of image manipulation, we can definitely have the more quality output.  But we should remember the ethic and culture of the globalized world. We must not use the image manipulation for creating anything harmful to any nation or disrespect to a culture of a community. Here a proper education is also necessary. A global code of ethics may be also developed and circulated to all the countries.


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