What is Clipping Path?

In a simple manner, we can define clipping path is an outline created around an image that help you to remove any unnecessary picture or remove unwanted particles from its background. It is just like set aside an image out of a paper with a handy scissor.

Clipping Path is a professional Photoshop software amply used across the globe for editing the image, improve quality and enhance the beauty of photo as per your desire and customers’ needs. By applying this software, one can extract objects or image of any person from still imagery. This software is primarily used by photography and graphic design studios, advertising agencies, web design firms, film industry as well as lithographers and printing companies.

Although, at present, there are many other methods for editing images, removing tainted elements from an image, clipping path is yet very popular. Many experts opine there are a very few other techniques that can match the quality emerged by image processing services.  Skilled operators choose the clipping path for its easy manual handling.

It is witnessed that, since the beginning of the last decade, application of clipping paths in the photo industry has been increasing significantly. It is because of the result of this software. The result of extracting any image from the background using clipping path can legitimately be claimed the ever best method in terms of quality. A clipping path can also be applied to the soft edges.

The present photo industry is also experiencing a compound clipping path. It can be explained, a compound path results from the combination of several paths for different products, or different colors within a single picture. It is usually used for the purpose of color enhancement and background correction. Clipping path service companies commonly are available in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Philippine, India and Pakistan. These countries can provide services at comparatively low cost to developed countries, fostering outsourcing of such activities.

How is it done? Once the clipping path is applied, everything within the outline, or path, is incorporated in the final cleave and all another thing outside is excluded. If you don’t want to see anything superfluous or undesired in the finished image, whether it is a background or some other unneeded elements viz. a black dot, shadow or screen, can be easily removed. By principle, the inside of the path is defined by its direction. Reversing the direction of a path swap what is considered inside or outside. An inclusive path is one where what is visual “inside” the path corresponds to what will be preserved; an exclusive path, of opposite direction, contains what is visual “outside” the path. Generally, a right direction path is considered inclusive.

A Clipping path expert draws all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool to ensure the best quality. He does it minutely to have desired quality. Once drawing a path is completed to an image, clipping path is applied on it so that when placed on the layout or in design, it will show only the portion which is inside the path. Hence, everything outside of the path will be removed and the expert can use whatever background color he requires or wants.

For whom the clipping path is essential? The clipping path is most essential for not only the photo industry but also for the whole global media, printing and publication industries. In the present world, many individuals and companies use clipping path service, especially who are involved in advertising, printing, photography, designing and fashion industries as well as website development. A web development company needs to publish photos in the website where they need to use a clipping path to drop out the background.

We can cite here some examples of using clipping path. A printing and press companies need to design the layout prior to having printed materials. Here, they need to change some backgrounds or remove the bad aspects, dark dots etc. of pictures.  A catalogue or magazine company normally uses hundreds of images in their catalogue and they are most likely to alter the background of their product photos before they set those into the layout. They can efficiently remove or change the background by the clipping path. Website development companies also use many images by improving quality done by clipping path.

There are many renowned Clipping path work organizations mostly in developing countries like in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. We can mention the name Clipping Path Work which claims itself as an important graphic service studio which has much-skilled manpower.

How does the organization work?
Using image editing software such as the industry standard Adobe Photoshop, its skilled manpower utilizes the highly precise pen tool to determine areas of an image for manipulation. At a basic level, this might be tracing the outline of a picture so that it can be used in a layout programme such as Quark Express or InDesign. However, it can also use the clipping path to change the shape of an image, edit a specific region, or create a collage of several images for a layout design. The company also takes pride of the quality of their finished product.

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